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Bad: "You should do X" Good: "When I was in your situation, I did X, and here is how it worked out for me..." This website focuses ONLY on the 12 step program of Narcotics Anonymous as laid out in the NA Basic Text.NA is an abstinence-based program, teaching us that we need to abstain from ALL drugs in order to recover.Please refer to the Chat Room Decorum Guidelines for further information concerning this groups guidelines.

category=4The e-AA Group is an autonomous online A. The chat rooms serve as both our meeting room and fellowship hall.

“This ‘unmasking’ shouldn’t have happened in the first place,” one anonymous Bloomberg terminal user in the Airline and Aerospace chat room said on Thursday, according to a transcript obtained by The Post.

“Surprised there’s even a feature for BBG to unmask everyone in a transcript to send.” Under normal conditions, chat room participants are only identified by a generic Bloomberg name, like “Member 12345.” As such, participants feel they can speak candidly about companies in the sector — and on just about any other subject matter.

If a moderator asks you to change the topic or lose the attitude, please do so.

Students, professionals, etc: We commend you for pursuing studies or a career in helping people. At a face-to-face (brick and mortar) meeting of Narcotics Anonymous, our first-time visitors have already decided that they may have a drug problem, want to know if NA can help, and they've already taken that critical first step to find and attend one of our meetings! NET's first-time visitors may not be at such an "action step" yet.

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Compliance officers at Wall Street firms, in order to police employees at their firm, do have the ability to get unmasked transcripts of any Bloomberg chat.

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