10 mistakes women make while dating

Posted by / 05-Oct-2017 09:58

If the fact that he only eats stale dinner rolls for lunch bugs the hell out of you in the beginning, you're going to throw one at his face six months from now.

I mean, ideally, they're all like "OMG how is he so great? He's not going to magically become obsessed with reading all the books you love at age 28.

Basically, dating is all about getting to know different kinds of individuals while waiting for that one exceptional person who appears to be the crop’s cream as well as you two decide on how to take things on the next level.It isn’t enough for women to put on the perfect dress and carry that matching bag to conquer Many times, women are as guilty as men of committing dating mistakes.In their eagerness to make a relationship work, women inevitably make some mistakes that can ruin a relationship.Women are more likely than men to let their emotions influence how they handle money.That emotional spending can even result in women letting their feelings for a man (or attemps to snag a man) get in the way of making smart financial choices.

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Their opinion isn't the important thing, but it's a red flag if they all hate him. Settling for a guy who isn't up to your standards and then trying to change him.