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Not replying to a text message that really hurt me, and deleting all messages from the person who had written it.

I just didn't want to deal with this and I let it slide when I should have gone face to face with the man.

Western Seram is characterised by the association of regional-metamorphic terranes with extensive peridotites, and is traditionally described as a fold-and-thrust belt incorporating northward-obducted ophiolites.

However, reconnaissance fieldwork by SEARG and new geophysical evidence suggests recent orogenesis is driven primarily by subduction rollback and resultant lithospheric delamination during a dominantly extensional regime.

Application of geo- and thermochronology methods to quantify tectonic and surface processes interaction, fission track analysis, (U-Th)/He dating, Ar/Ar dating and U/Pb dating of bedrock and sediments.

Study areas: Himalaya, Tibetan Plateau, Alaska and Yukon, central Argentina, Appalachians.

During a recent summer school final, my students, working in pairs, asked ten questions and gave ten answers based on a randomly selected common topic in a three minute period; they had no time to prepare to talk. To develop that skill, I have my students do activities like Spanish Question Words Speed-Asking Partner Speaking ( in which they practice seeing how many questions they can ask about a topic and Spanish Questions Modified Speed Dating Whole Class Speaking ( in which they ask a question from a card and their partner answers the question, then the partner asks a questions.

Auriferous veins (quartz±-carbonate±sulfide±oxide±silicate) occur as a variety of types (i.e., en echelon, concordant, saddle) that reflect emplacement during a single, but protracted flexural-slip folding event in concert with fluid overpressuring, as evidence by crack-seal textures.I am not good with confrontation so I keep things inside when I get hurt, irritated or even mad.But I am working on being more honest at that moment to help things go a lot smoother for all of my relationships.KONTAK, Daniel, Department of Earth Sciences, Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON P3E2C6 Canada, [email protected] production from Meguma gold deposits (MGD) is small at (ca.1.3 M oz Au), abundant research over multiple decades provides the means to assess the processes involved in formation of this sediment-hosted orogenic gold system; these data are used to review the origin of the MGDs in the context of broad scale earth-system processes relevant to gold deposit formation.

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The Banda region of eastern Indonesia has a complex tectonic configuration which is not yet fully understood.

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  1. The name Guatemala, meaning "land of forests," was derived from one of the Mayan dialects spoken by the indigenous people at the time of the Spanish conquest in 1523.

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