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Our senior forum based sections allow you to join in the discussions or even start your own.

Live senior chat rooms designed and used by seniors over 50 are a great way to meet others and chat with people from around the world.

– If you've always wondered why Madonna seems to exclusively date younger men, your question has finally been answered.

I’m a very adventurous person and I also have a crazy life.

As the Internet becomes integrated into daily life, these chat rooms can provide a vital link to meeting people and continuing to keep the mind active. Many seniors see it as a time to do the fun activities that have been on their minds for years.As some of you may know, the variables allow you to do just that.The Scratch Team has not come out fully and said how they will prevent chats from happening, but in the time being, please do not create chat rooms.One day, I came on, and two of my friends (who were both also allowed to test) got into a fight, and it was getting real nasty.I made it so this chat would regenerate every message after 5 minutes.

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