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Nonverbal dating cues

contraction) on attraction using a popular Global Positioning System-based online-dating application.

Mate-seekers rapidly flipped through photographs of potential sexual/date partners, selecting those they desired to meet for a date.

Improving cue reading could help college students get the dating game right Heidelberg | New York, 26 October 2016Both college men and women focus primarily on a photographed woman’s nonverbal emotional cues when making snap decisions about whether she is expressing sexual interest at a particular moment in time.

But their judgments also are based to a large degree on how attractive she is and the provocativeness of her attire.

This improves their interactions, influence, personal kerb appeal, understanding and empathy, helping them to achieve success in their goals, across all areas of their life.Often-cited (and debated) research from psychologist Albert Mehrabian suggests that 55 percent of human communication is through body language, 38 percent is the tone of voice, and only 7 percent of the message understood is the result of what the person says.This assertion may not hold true in all circumstances, but it does suggest that nonverbal cues are critical to communication.Experts have long known that humans communicate with much more than just words.Nonverbal cues are critical in everyday situations, from parenting effectively to dating to acing a job interview, or even getting served in a timely fashion at a restaurant.

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