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Oracle if updating trigger

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This table sh_audit has 5 columns which will store the auditing information such as the new data inserted or updated, old data which is updated or deleted from the table, name of the user who did it along with the date and time, also the type of DML operation performed.

The order of the execution of these triggers is undeterministic (or random, if you want this word) except that all before triggers fire before the after triggers.

In Oracle, a sequence object (created by CREATE SEQUENCE statement) is used to generate IDs (auto-increment, identity values).

As such, to correctly detect changes to such objects one must have recourse to different techniques.

This blog articles offers a few examples of what can be done and needs to be done.

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It does not "see" the new record because the record has not been committed so the update comes back with 0 rows updated.

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